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Sounds like a bad ignition switch for the following reasons: It could be an incomplete starter motor circuit, but this will not explain why the dashboard lights are not turning on, which indicates that the ignition switch is not going into the 'On' position. Independent of the starter motor, the fuel pump relay should also "click" when the key in the ...


I had a similar problem on a 2001 Ford Taurus and after checking the battery, attempting to jump the vehicle and checking the alternator I decided the next place to check was the starter. It took me about 45 minutes or so to switch out but as soon as I did it started right up. You can rent different diagnostic tools from most auto parts stores, that helps ...


You say 'no lights' but also say that the headlights work - I presume therefore you mean that there are no lights on the dashboard? This would point towards a problem with the ignition switch circuits, in that turning the key has no effect - do any of the other electronics work? radio etc?


Beneath the stress mentioned by @SteveMatthews, there is another problem. A larger amount of unburnt fuel in your exhaust system will damage your catalytic converter. I guess driving 30km with just half the cylinders fireing will be enough to kill the converter.


First, check the cable connections between the battery post and the cable clamps, they have to be clean and tight. Is the battery 5 to 6 years old? To really understand this battery problem you'll need a volt meter, or DMM (digital multi meter). They're cheap, some stores even give them away with purchases. Set the meter to DC volts measure your battery. ...


I would personally avoid it as you'll be putting some very odd stresses on the engine and the heat generated will be non-uniform too. For the sake of arranging recovery or even finding a friend with a straight bar or even just a sturdy piece of rope, I don't think it's worth potentially ruining your engine.


You say your engine "clicks a lot" but won't turn over. That doesn't sound like a battery problem. If you have a battery problem it will either make no noise at all, or try to turn over then get exhausted and give up. It sounds to me like you have a problem with the pinion on the starter motor. EDIT: according to the comments apparently this can happen with ...


Ants are unlikely to be the source of your issue. Your battery is filled with sulfuric acid, and that is sufficiently strong enough to completely dissolve any ants that made their way into your battery. Above that, your battery should be completely sealed. Also, even if the ants did manage to get into your engine: metal > ant. This issue is more than likely ...


This is usually the symptom of a dead battery. Has the car been sitting for a long time without being driven? Or did you leave the headlights or interior lights on? Try jump starting it (see owner's manual for instructions) and drive it for a while to charge the battery. (I usually find that 30 minutes or so of driving is sufficient; make sure not to switch ...


It actually ended up being a pin inside the Steering Column Flange (the assembly that the lock cylinder and ignition switch mount to). Replacing that fixed the problem. For anyone who sees this, the Ford part number is 9L8Z-3511-A


I would bet the cylinder is only stuck. You can probably get it to work again by using some type of lubricant. That could be either WD-40 (just a little bit ... don't want to soak the thing) or if you don't like the smell, try some dry graphite.

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