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An old PARKER'S guide to the Uno known starting faults says: Failed distributor vacuum unit. Two small wires inside distributor break after 8-9 years or 60K-70K miles. Crankshaft position sensor.


First you need to dislodge it. I would use something like this tool: Then, before you go to remove the spark plug, take a shop vac and vacuum the piece out of there. If you hold the shop vac's hose half-way over the hole, the air turbulence should remove the small piece of debris. Also, if the piece is ferrous in nature, the hook I showed above should ...


My only suggestions would be: Use compressed air, as Zaid suggested Use a narrow screwdriver Make sure you don't lose it - worthwhile getting a closer look at it to see if you can identify where it came from!


That's the wire that goes to the tachometer to show you the RPM of the engine. It's one pulse per spark. You set the number of cylinders on tach and it's then divides by that number to display the RPM of the engine.

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