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This particular problem was solved by replacing the coolant temperature sensor and installing a thermostat. Apparently the coolant temp sensor was telling the engine it was -20C and so it was running extremely rich and was artificially raising the idle. After replacing that the fuel mileage got much better, but it was still running a bit high, and when I ...


I had the same issue. I just managed to soft it. There may be a few causes to this, but for my case, I found that the idling air intake hose connecting the lower part of the throttle body was missing the hose clamp. Due to this, during idling, additional air were being sucked in via the small gap between the hose and the throttle body. I think the guy who ...


The Problem is caused by the throttle Position sensor or the linkage. Its Quite common for an old vehicle to develop this issue , take it to a mechanic and tell him exactly the issue. Old mechanical cars tend to develop this issue due to weakening of the accelerator linkage. Will not cost much to repair.

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