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Strangely, after about 1500 miles the problem went away. I'm not sure why this is, though I was told by the individual that helped me with the replacement that new pumps sometimes require a "break in" period. I haven't heard that opinion echoed anywhere else, however it seems to have been the case for me... If it changes I will update! Thanks again for ...


More then likely an idle air control valve thats failing, would replace and retest


Sounds like dirty injectors or throttle body. Try running some injector cleaner (I like Techron, but there are many brands) through with your next tank of gas. I'd also recommend filling your car with the highest grade of gas you can get for a tank or two. The higher grades typically contain more fuel conditioners and detergents than the lower grades, and ...


I had the same problem with my car last year, problem only occurred when idling and not while driving. This is why I immediately suspected the IAC. Removing and cleaning the IAC did the trick for me. Hope this will help you.

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