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P0505 appears to relate to the Idle Stabilization Value or Air Idle Valve. I'd suggest checking the wiring is intact and firmly plugged in first followed by a thorough clean of the valve and throttle flap with a suitable solvent. If this doesn't work it may be a case of looking for a replacement valve I'm afraid.


It sounds like there is an issue with something in the vehicle after it goes from open loop (before sensors are used to run the car) to closed loop (where the vehicle starts using inputs from the O2s, MAF, and other sensors). This switch over usually occurs about two minutes from a cold start-up. I would start by cleaning the MAF with electronics cleaner ...


The battery shouldn't make a difference, providing the alternator is working properly. However, if you don't have a starting problem, that suggests it isn't the battery that is the root cause of the problem - more like something electrical. From the symptoms you describe, it sounds more like a fuelling issue - perhaps the fuel pump is cutting out after a ...

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