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Kind of a shot in the dark with the information given, but here is where I would start.. When you have the A/C on, the ECU will typically raise the idle to compensate for the extra load. I am thinking you have a dirty throttle body, that is not allowing enough air to get through to allow it to idle properly. When the ECU raises the idle, it is now letting ...


I have experienced the same symptoms on an engine, where the MAF sensor was giving lower than expected readings. The engine would only run for a few seconds before stalling. A new MAF sensor fixed the problem. I tested my MAF on the bench with a hair dryer and a multimeter. It wasn't until I got a replacement that I could see how low a reading the faulty ...


Is the check engine light on? A relatively common failure is the crank shaft position sensor which can cause the car to die while driving. As well as hard starting/No start. IIRC the alternator on a Hyundai 4 cylinder is typically on the exhaust side of the engine near the radiator. So it may be safe to assume that the vacuum hoses are untouched.

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