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Think about the long-term health of the air-conditioning system also. If the AC is used for long enough sans cabin filter, the fan blower will get clogged up with dirt and dust much faster. This can lead to issues related to low air flow, such as lack of cooling, a frozen evaporator and a frozen expansion valve.


Typically it's just a pollen filter that's more for occupants comfort. In older cars you would very occasionally get a dead bumble bee through a vent but I'd say that six days unfiltered shouldn't cause much of a problem for you.


This sounds like you need to take it to the dealership and get it fixed. With Hyundai's warranty, this should not be an issue. As for the problem itself, it sounds like there may be a transmission problem (you say you were at 4-6k rpms, sounds like the engine is revving quite high). Check to ensure there is enough transmission fluid present.

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