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Hyundai appears to call this feature SDVC (Speed Dependent Volume Control). Check your owners manual for how to turn this off.


tl;dr: Steering feedback means different things to different people. Ultimately, however, it's about using the steering wheel as both an input and an output device. At a very high level, the concept of steering feedback has to do with the user interface of the car. If we restrict the discussion to just the wheel in front of you, it's easy to imagine that ...


The guidelines are "which ever comes first." So in your case, you'd need to do it at 6-months, not at 7,500 miles. Yes, if you do not follow these instructions, you do run the chance of voiding your warranty, but that really depends on the manufacturer and what they will allow. Some are a little easier than others, but they give you a maintanence schedule ...


Clutch is slipping might want to get it to a mechanic.

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