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I don't think the it will be a flat battery, since a flat battery will usually caused a repeated clicking of the starter solenoid and a flickering of the dash lights when you turn the key. Either the contacts on the relay you can hear clicking are faulty, so there is no power getting to the starter solenoid, or the control wire on the starter solenoid has ...


You indicated above that there is 'soft clicking' when you try and start the car. My bet is a weak battery - you can still have headlamp power, but not enough charge in the battery to turn over the engine. Try this, turn on the headlamps and have someone stand in front and observe the lights as you turn the key to start - if the headlamps dim way down, ...


Is the check engine light on? A relatively common failure is the crank shaft position sensor which can cause the car to die while driving. As well as hard starting/No start. IIRC the alternator on a Hyundai 4 cylinder is typically on the exhaust side of the engine near the radiator. So it may be safe to assume that the vacuum hoses are untouched.

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