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You cannot properly change your Power Steering fluid with a Turkey baster! Your Power Steering System contains much more fluid than what is in the Reservoir. I usually remove a hose on the return side of the pump and allow it to pump itself dry( a few turns of the Steering wheel will do that) then refill the system whilst having an assistant move the ...


You definitely have a leak. Get under your vehicle and check the PS hoses on the pressure side. There is a hose that has sections of metal pipe joined by rubber Hose. The rubber hose is for flexibility. Most likely it will be a section of metal hose leaking due to corrosion. As for changing your fluid with a Turkey baster, not ideal! Remember there is a lot ...


The number 1 reason for stalling problems when the weather is damp is tune up issues. Generally worn spark plug wires being the main cause. Get a spray bottle and fill it with tap water and just a little bit of salt. Use the spray bottle to lightly wet down the spark plug wires while the cars is running. If the engine stalls then you need a tune up. if there ...


I would bet the cylinder is only stuck. You can probably get it to work again by using some type of lubricant. That could be either WD-40 (just a little bit ... don't want to soak the thing) or if you don't like the smell, try some dry graphite.

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