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It sounds like a fuel delivery problem. I suggest getting your fuel pump checked out or replacing it... Usually this is the type of problem that starts out small and eventually gets to the point where you are at right now. Have you noticed recently that the engine seems to have less power at high rpms? Or that maybe it has even started dieing even while you ...


Code P0171 is a pretty general code for 'engine running weak'. Running weak means too much air, or, not enough fuel. The main culprits are a loose or damaged vacuum hose, EGR valve staying open, EVAP system leaking air into the system, faulty fuel injector(s), or a leaking exhaust system. It does not seem to be the oxygen sensor to me because you have rough ...


Hot-start problems are indicative of loss of pressure in the fuel line. This is usually caused by a leaky fuel injector. The reason why this happens only for hot starts is because the fuel is more likely to vaporize as temperature increases. In order to avoid vaporization problems the fuel lines are expected to be pressurized during a hot start. Of course, ...


The first thing that comes to mind is an ignition problem. As in, either your coilpack, HT leads (the cable running from the coilpack to the spark plug) or a spark plug is faulty. THe symptoms are consistent with what you describe.

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