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Unlikely. The window defrosters don't get hot enough to damage anything.


2001 are new enough they are switched to the new Ozone safe refrigerant that you can buy over the counter. I personally buy a bottle of AC PRO with stop leak. They seem to have the best chemical mix/ stop leak. Then when I know its holding a charge, I buy the cheaper Frost refrigerant. You are getting what you pay for refrigerant wise... It also can take ...


yes, A shop will just be filling your system with refrigerant and dye, then run your a/c for a few hours and look for the source of the issue. Typically, before you can fix anything AC related you need the system to be vacuumed, so your not expelling refrigerant into the air. Even if it is leaking out, there is usually still a bit left in the system.


Your Sonata has a cabin air filter (CAF). You should try to change that out first. More than likely, you have some mildew built up somewhere. The CAF is the first place to start.

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