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In theory your fix should not harm anything. You won't have any heat in the vehicle, but basic mechanical principle should lead to No it won't hurt anything. Jeep and just Chrysler in general have issues with HVAC quite frequently. As far as how quickly it failed, 4 years isn't unreasonable, but does seem odd. Chrysler ordered a change out of coolant types ...


It is not correct to assume that the problem is the blower motor before first checking Fuses The blower motor relay The blower motor resistor If all of these components are in working order then the next thing I would try would be the blower motor itself.


I suggest using DampRid or similar desiccant. You essentially put a container, (usually supplied with the product) in the car in a inconspicuous spot. It pulls quite a bit of moisture from the air. This dries out the ducts and vents and will reduce mold build up. Don't put it in the vents. You put it under a seat, or in the truck depending on how your car ...


One trick that has worked well for me in preventing the musty smell is to turn the A/C off but leave the blower on about a minute or so before reaching your destination (if you are going to be parked for a while). It seems this allows accumulated moisture in the system to be removed before shutting the blower down.


You need to prevent the buildup of mildew in the system during the colder months, as that's what causes the smell. One trick I've heard is to make sure you run the A/C regularly (at least once every couple of weeks) during the cooler period, so that any spores get blown out of the ducts before they get a chance to settle and grow - a useful side effect is ...


This is typical of coolant being low in the radiator-engine. Let the engine cool overnight, then remove the radiator cap to see if you need to add some coolant. Depending on the type of radiator overflow system, checking the overflow bottle will not always reflect if the radiator is full, especially if there is a slow coolant leak somewhere. Check it at the ...

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