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I had a similar issue last year. In my case the passenger side vents were blowing heat. At the end of summer I heard the internal vent slap open or closed and cold air started to come out. This year, it's doing the same thing again but a little different. It's the rear vents.


Does air come out of the dash outlets when the A/C is off and the fresh air/vent is turned on? If yes, then the problem is unique to the A/C pathway/controls, and air must not be moving through it. There may be an obstruction in the A/C plenum or air ducts, perhaps a stuck valve. But if no, and neither fresh air nor A/C air is moving, then I suspect your ...


It could be that the switch has failed. I don't see a real reason for it doing it during a battery change, though (doesn't make sense, but sometimes you have to look at what seems right). I doubt it is the resistor pack, either. Not because you inspected it, but because of how the resistor pack works. A resistor pack works by having resistors which lower the ...

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