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Your issue most likely has nothing to do with the control. The reason your system is cycling so rapidly is probably due to being undercharged with refrigerant. There may still be enough left to provide heat transfer (a cold evaporator) but not effectively chill the air. This will cause rapid compressor clutch cycling like you are experiencing. It is due to ...


De-Frosting is just that, and its purpose is to de-frost the front screen, usually, on a cold morning. It should be regarded on a safety first basis, seeing where your going. I assume the assumption is made that the driver is dressed for cold weather before getting into the vehicle. In this case the de-frost would be maximised on defrosting the screen.


Yes, the option exists in some models. E.g. in my 2002 Opel Astra, I can enable/disable any of the air channels on climate control independently from others. Usually, there's one ventilation duct going upwards and one going downwards, like here on Suzuki Vitara ('00-'06 model): The flap that controls whether the air from upper duct leads to defrost or ...

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