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It is likely that something has been pushed out of alignment during the repair - you need to inspect for things in that line of thought - look for places where parts have been rebolted/tightened and they are not exactly as they were or something that has been twisted etc. I make the assumption you are speaking of the latch mechanicals - which are often ...


Most likely the second latch just needs to be lubed. Of course, you need to get the hood open in order to do that! Depending on the shape of your front grille, though, you may be able to get some penetrating oil or some kind of tool in to the latch mechanism (the lever you need to press is on the very front of the assembly). Failing that, with the hood ...


I take it from the description that the release lever now feels loose, i.e. there is no tension on the cable? We can therefore assume that the mechanism has partly released, but due to the ice did not spring up onto the catch. Have you tried getting a couple of fingers under the edge of the bonnet and giving it a sharp tug upwards? You could also try ...


Yes. The fronts of those cars are all the same.


Do you know where it snapped? When this happened on my 900, I was able to get at the release cable from under the car - but it took some stretching, and a long pair of pliers. (It broke right at the catch.)

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