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Issue #1: You probably blew the second resistor. Sometimes it just happens. I'd take it back to the place you bought it from and tell them it was defective. Issue #2: It sounds as though your thermostat is stuck open and should be replaced. If coolant is allowed to flow unchecked through the system, you'll only get cold air through your HVAC until the ...


One possible explanation is that some coolant is bypassing the thermostat altogether. Depending on the thermostat and seal arrangement, this could happen if the thermostat isn't properly seated in the surrounding seal, or if the seal is compromised and not doing its job properly. It would also explain to some extent why the thermostat seems to work when ...


If the thermostat is stuck open, you would get the symptoms you describe. A thermostat stuck closed will cause overheating.


Did you replace the radiator with OEM or aftermarket? It almost sounds like the new rad has more surface area and it cooling at speed better than the old one did.

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