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Here is what solved the same problem for BMW E39: Cause: The smell is due to bacteria in the air-duct. Solution: To solve it you need something with antiseptic action to eradicate the bacteria. There are many Antibacterial Cleaners for Automobile Ventilation System, however, I used simple and cheap pharmaceutical Salicylic alcohol 2%. Procedure: empty ...


Air Vent Odor This issue is bacteria in the ventilation system. this is not related to charging the air conditioning system as some have indicated. They are seperated systems and you do not get freon in your cabin by using the air conditioner. The ONLY way to attack the problem IMO, is to; remove the vents from under the dash and clean them out. ...


As far as I understand it, your pollen filter is filthy and should be cleaned or replaced.


The best way is to fight the problem, not the symptoms. Lysol only lasts for a while and the bad smell will return eventually. The AC is the cause of the bad smell and you should refill the AC system. I don't know for sure, but the gas you might need could be Freon. Check the vehicles owner manual to be sure though. Before you get started, put your car on ...

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