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If you mean the rear defrosting wires in your rear window, you should be able to turn it on immediately as it's electrically based. If it's making a noise, I suspect it's the circuit breaker that automatically turns it off based on heat, and you should look into replacing it. What make/model is it? If, alternatively, you have some sort of auxiliary/rear ...


Does your car overheat too? If so, you could have a faulty thermostat, an air pocket in your cooling system or maybe even a leak somewhere. My truck's heat would only work while I was driving, then stopped working altogether while the engine started to overheat. I changed the thermostat, then the heat would blow hot/cold/hot/cold, I didn't realize you had ...


As far as I understand it, your pollen filter is filthy and should be cleaned or replaced.


Air Vent Odor This issue is bacteria in the ventilation system. this is not related to charging the air conditioning system as some have indicated. They are seperated systems and you do not get freon in your cabin by using the air conditioner. The ONLY way to attack the problem IMO, is to; remove the vents from under the dash and clean them out. ...


Two areas I think I'd look at: Did you put the right thermostat in (temperature wise)? And did it get put in the correct way? If a colder than normal thermostat was inserted, it could possibly cause this issue. If it was put in upside down, there would be a greater chance. One of the main things which is bothering me here is you saying engine temperature ...


It's almost always cheaper to fix than replace a car. However when faced with major repairs I always recommend two things. Second opinion/estimate Cost analysis Get a second opinion and estimate. In your case base on the information provided the estimate is really high. I am assuming the "heatbox" is the Heater Core Case if so that's about a 5 hour job, ...


I had this problem with an 2004 Caraven turned out to be a bad ground installed ground wire directly from Motor works fine now

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