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OP Resolved the Issue flow direction was not an issue. OP reconnected hoses and stated the issue is now closed.


Vent Doors in your HVAC system are not working properly You have various doors in your system to direct air to appropriate places as you change the settings on your dash. When you want air to come out at the floor and you change the setting, a door closes off or opens up appropriately in your system to direct the air to the correct location. The internal ...


This feels like a broken blend door. A blend door controls how much air is allowed to flow past the heater core, or past the a/c evaporator. A broken door means that air physically stuck going past the heater core, thereby heating it up. Unfortunately, those doors live inside of the heater box, which usually requires you to rip apart the dash (and then ...


This sounds like a stuck or faulty heater circuit valve. There's a pipeline from the engine coolant system that goes up to a heat exchanger in the air conditioning duct. There's a valve that regulates how much hot coolant flows in this circuit, and if that valve sticks open or its actuating linkage is broken, the system will be on hot, hot or hot - No matter ...

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