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TBH I've never seen teflon tape on brake bleeder screws or any brake line fittings. It seems kind of stupid to try especially in a professional environment where you're open to litigation and possibly criminal charges if the tape fails and someone dies.


Two points; Teflon tape is not a sealant. It lubricates the threads, so that you can insert the threaded part deeper, and as a side-effect it fills small gaps - but it was never designed as a sealant. Brake fluid dissolves/degrades PTFE. Try Permatex instead, if you want to go this route. If you think you need a seal, you should fix the problem rather ...


This is typical of coolant being low in the radiator-engine. Let the engine cool overnight, then remove the radiator cap to see if you need to add some coolant. Depending on the type of radiator overflow system, checking the overflow bottle will not always reflect if the radiator is full, especially if there is a slow coolant leak somewhere. Check it at the ...

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