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The bulb modules could actually be bad, despite both filaments coming on in high beam mode. Pull the connector at each bulb, there will be three wires: tan, green and black. The black is ground, tan is low and green is high. Make sure there is power on the tan wire when the headlights are on and the high/low switch is set to low. If the tan wire is hot, ...


You're referring to recalls 07V452000 and 12V397000, right? If the recall has not expired, a dealer should perform the fix without charging you. The only way to know for sure is to contact a Suzuki Dealer or Suzuki and ask. The Dealer should be able to look the VIN up and give you a definitive answer as to whether the fix was applied to your vehicle. ...


There is a relay in the fuse box under the hood on the driver's side. On a 2004, it's #46 and labeled 'HDM Relay'. YMMV. You can swap it with a known good relay (same type from the box for something you know is working). #45 should be the same (on a 2004 at least) and should be the engine fan clutch. If the headlights work after the swap, swap them back ...


It depends which headlight system you have, if your dipped beams are xenon and high beam use H7 socket bulb, you should buy D2S, D1S is designed for bi-xenon headlights, I am sure you know what you have. I hope it helped. Boris

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