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In the fuse box, as shown in the picture: Left-low beam is fuse F1, right-low beam is F6. Also look at the two 40amp fuses, marked F15 and F19. These two 40 amp fuses feed the other fuses. Fuses F1 to F4 are supply-fused by F19, and fuses F5 to F9 are supply-fused by F15.


I would bet the problem lies in the relay, which should be located under the hood. It should look something like this: Each of the high beams and low beams will have their own relay. The switch which is only used to energize the relay. The relay provides the power for the head lights. The underhood fuse box should look like this: On the underside of ...


Basically your headlamps are controlled by a computer. The Front Electronic Module (FEM) to be exact. The FEM grounds the headlamps when it wants to turn them on. This system was an early Multiplex design that reduced wire and total circuits where the modules communicate on a single serial line, now referred to as the CAN Bus (Controller Area Network). You ...

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