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Finally got a chance to mess around with it and confirmed an answer I found. All the blinker lights have to be connected in order for it to blink. Connected them all and now everything is working with the blinkers!


I dont know where you looked for the fuse, but I found that it's not under the hood of the 2008 accord. It's beneath the steering column by the driver's left foot. Fuse no. 30. There's another one on the passenger side (one to each individual lightbulb) , but I only had to change the passenger side and both headlights started working..


A quick Google search resulted in this. I couldn't find the legend for it but I guess it should be fairly straightforward. It could be bad wiring, bring out the multi-meter! EDIT Here's a link to the COMPLETE SERVICE MANUAL . It's in German, so you may need to use a translation service .

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