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This might not be an answer but rather a suggestion. I'll explain a few things since you say you have limited knowledge of vehicles. Jumping a circuit is never something you should do. Dims and High beams are two different amperages. They both run on 12v, but the actual amount of power is different. When you "Jump" a circuit and combine them like that, ...


My suggestion is to check the fuse's fuse #14 for low beams. If it "pops" out then you will have no low beams. Same for high beams. The two have two different fuses.


According to this that extra space is for the integrated fog light, which is probably where the fog light would be if you didn't have the separate fog light.


You do not have to remove the battery you may remove the driver side wheel well housing and access it from there


I would say that the extra "light" isn't a light at all - it's just there give the headlight a certain look. You have already accounted for all the different possible lights on a regular, mass-produced passenger vehicle so there shouldn't be any other light present in the headlight assembly.


Kaseys answer sounds right to me. There is a sensor, that indicates the vehicles inclination relative to the road (I don't know how to call it either, in Germany we simply call it "headlight leveling sensor"). That sensor needs to be replaced probably. I'd just like to add two pictures, so you can see how the sensor looks like: Image source: ...

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