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There are a few things that could be problems: Confirm that the bulbs are good. I've seen it happen more than once that one bulb burns out and you don't notice, then the second bulb burns out and that is when you notice. Check the fuses. On many cars the high and low beams are fused separately. Check, or listen, to determine if the relay controlling the ...


Perform a continuity test on your combination switch. Get a multimeter and service manual for your vehicle and test the contacts with the switch in different positions.


I have a 2007 Lotus Elise. "Pre" 07, Lotus used H7. 07 and later, Lotus went to H7U. The U is ultraviolet "filtered." Previous poster (commenter) is wrong. The cheaper (and older) H7, put out tremendous ultraviolet light, damaging the headlight covers, degrading their clarity over time. Just do a Google search "2007 Lotus Elise headlight replacement" and ...

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