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According to this that extra space is for the integrated fog light, which is probably where the fog light would be if you didn't have the separate fog light.


According to the wiring diagram the power is supplied to the bulbs through the relay and then one fuse for each bulb. If the high beams work then the relay and fuses are working. The lights are controlled by the light switch by switching the ground side of the circuit. The high and low beam filaments are selected by this switch. If one set of the filaments ...


Kaseys answer sounds right to me. There is a sensor, that indicates the vehicles inclination relative to the road (I don't know how to call it either, in Germany we simply call it "headlight leveling sensor"). That sensor needs to be replaced probably. I'd just like to add two pictures, so you can see how the sensor looks like: Image source: ...


My suggestion is to check the fuse's fuse #14 for low beams. If it "pops" out then you will have no low beams. Same for high beams. The two have two different fuses.

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