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My suggestion is that the filament inside of the bulb is loose. When you rap on it, it reconnect briefly, which lights the bulb. It will continue to do this until it completely burns out. This will probably require a replacement bulb to fix.


When looking at the car (and I think you have most of it already covered in your question): The leading edges are the most susceptible ... this would include any part of the front fascia The A-pillar and maybe the leading edge of the roof Any part of the side which when looking at it, dips in, then comes back out ... the part which comes back out is ...


I've seen people cover their broken headlight with tape, and it makes me cringe. The tape can melt and end up being useless after just a few hours. It's best to go to a car repair shop to get it fixed, or in your situation, wait for the replacement.

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