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If the trunk was overfilled and had to be pushed closed, you might have success with pushing down on the trunk (with as much force as you safely can) while trying to operate the mechanism. If a force inside the trunk is pushing up, the mechanism could be in a bind. You pushing down will hopefully counteract that force enough to free up the lock.


Even if the seat does not fold down, you can unbolt it. Remove the bottom part first, then the back. This happened in my mother's Camry several times(bad latch mechanism) and I had to remove the seat each time.


You need to check for evidence of gear oil leakage from the rear differential of the vehicle. It sounds like you are low, causing the noise. If it is low, and you have been driving it for a while like this, you may have caused damage to the ring/pinion gears, or possibly the bearings. The obvious places to find leakage is at the pinion seal, which where ...


From your description, its the front seal of the Air Conditioning (AC) compressor that is leaking. And its not really clear on what causes that to leak, except excess shaft / internal bearing wear. With that said, you could evacuate the system, pull the compressor, remove the A/C clutch, remove the seal and re-install a new one, but my guess it would be ...


There are several things to look for here: Localize where the fluid is actually coming from. Doing this will allow you to take the next step. Ensure you put all of the hoses back in place correctly. It is easy to get one cocked in the wrong direction, where you think you go it right, but you don't. Check all of them to make sure they are completely in ...


Fuel, Air and spark in the right amounts and at the right times are what makes an engine purr. In your car there is an engine computer that controls these things (unless you are talking pre 1983 or so...) Generally problems involving fuel will set an OnBoard Diagnostics (OBD) code. Air issues are not all that common, and generally come from a totally ...


Jam your hand up in there Move crap around. push on it really hard, various things and keep hitting the remote while you do it. Eventually you will get into the trunk with brute force....but damage anything on you path. You can reach in there and do it. My kid did it for a Malibu so you should be able to with the same. I have one here, 2003, if you ...


It sounds as though the clutch for the fan has gone out and is now stuck, causing the fan to operate all the time (no slippage occurring). You can check to see if this is the case by opening your hood without the engine running and cold, grab the fan blade, and rotate the fan. If the fan doesn't rotate or rotate easily, this is most likely your issue.


This is more than likely the resistor pack which is on most vehicles, is located in the air box with the blower fan under your passenger side foot well. It should look something like this for your car:


I would bet you're right about having to disconnect hoses, but don't know for sure by just looking at an image on Google. If you do have to disconnect the A/C hose, you should take it to a shop which will be able to completely remove all of the refrigerant from the system prior to opening it up. After you get the hose off, you'll need to get a new drier to ...

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