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I'd suggest one of your relays has gone astray. You can test this fairly easily by swapping out relays, if they are the same. Just remember which order you have them in originally, and exchange them one for another. This will help you determine which relay is bad and should also allow you to get the top back up for the meantime. It could very well be the ...


You need a 65 Amps, 125 mm Stator Diameter, 12 V alternator. The exact one is mentioned in the link: VW Rabbit 1.6 Non AC alternator


It appears the following are rebuilt replacements for your alternator: WPS/Power Select PN: 14970N Pure Energy PN: 14778 Remy PN: 14918 The difference (it appears) between the AC to non-AC unit is the Amperage output: AC=90A; non-AC=65A. You will probably want to get a replacement alternator which has the capacitor (externally connected part as you've ...

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