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The answer was that the battery was bad. Apparently it was a cheap battery and the failed alternator drained it. Once it had been drained, it would no longer hold a charge. Replacing the batter with a new, good-quality (VW) battery fixed the problem entirely. One clue was that when I jumpstarted the car, all the symptoms went away -- no blinking lights ...


Your mechanic seems to have repaired the fault by replacing the alternator. A faulty alternator will drain the battery as you describe and can be quite dramatic in causing other symptoms.


Before changing any expensive parts on the Golf, check the brake light switches, very carefully. There are two switches on the vehicle activated by the brake pedal. Whilst the Golf is a very good example of European vehicle manufacture, its brake light switches could be thought of as flimsy. They do miss behave and fail, producing various side effects.


The Mk5 has a Central Control Module (I also saw it was called a Central Convenience Module). The CCM controls the brake lights, as well as many other things. If the brakes lights are coming on weirdly of their own accord, it's probably due to the CCM. I believe the only way to fix it is to replace it, which seems to have happened to many Golf owners. I ...

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