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Do you know what each gauge is rated at for current carrying capacity? I would think a daisy chain is fine as long as the wire gauge is large enough. Don't neglect to use the same gauge of wire for both power(DC+) and ground. I'd look at the specs for each display gauge, add a bit of safety margin, then add the current up and calculate the wire gauge ...


The component on the cluster board could be defective. I had something similar years ago (decades actually). It turned out to cold solder joint on a 5 volt regulator as well as a nearby capacitor. Also checking for bad grounds.


Disconnect the fuel gauge sending wire from the fuel tank sending unit, with key on the fuel gauge will either go to Full or empty, now ground the fuel sender wire to a good ground, the gauge should do a full sweep to the opposite end of the gauge. If you get no change on the gauge during this test you either have a bad gauge or a break in the sender wire ...

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