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Before you rely on the TPMS on your vehicle, find out if it direct or indirect. If you have an indirect system be aware that the tyre has to deflate by a great deal before it registers with the signal light using the ABS wheel sensors. The direct system is much better as the tyre will have a sensor inside of which transmits its pressure to a reciever in the ...


I maybe know a better way for you. I saw it at some customer tyre and was very impressed. TYRE VALVE CAPS WITH PRESSURE INDICATOR :D They exist for different pressure ranges. So everything you need to do, just go around your car sometimes and look that they are green. If they are yellow or red, you lost some pressure.


I think the usual advice is to check them as part of your 'weekly' checks (the ones that hardly anyone actually does every week, or even month!), along with the lights, tyre tread etc. I certainly wouldn't bother for a 20 mile trip, unless I had a known slow puncture that I was monitoring. I usually just check them whenever I remember to do so - although I ...


Actually checking your tire pressure should usually be a monthly maintenance item. If you make a habit of it, checking other items at the same time is a good idea as well, such as your coolant and oil levels (though, checking your oil a little more often is a good thing, say weekly). Something you can do is get used to where your tires sit (the "squish" if ...

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