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The parking lamp/headlight switch applies power or ground so the circuit would be open if you were testing with the switch off. Same with the turn signals. The tail lights are on separate circuits. They don't share a ground. Does the car have an aftermarket trailer harness? If not your going to have to remove panels and visually inspect the harness for ...


From what I understand and how I've seen it used. If the ignition is off it uses the residual heat from the engine to warm the car. In order to validate my claim, turn your car off and hit the button. You may need to try it with the key in it. Interested if I'm correct. Please follow up. :-)


They are typically on the same fuse. Charging outlet should be listed as a cigarette lighter.


Cars commonly multiplex their electrical systems. This means that multiple things are fed from the same fuse. The best way to identify what is on the fuse is to check the wiring diagrams. Once all the possible sources from the fuse have been identified the fault can be systematically narrowed down. First look at components that come on and off, this is the ...

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