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Sounds like the car charger has a short in it. If you really, really wanted to I supposed you could test for low resistance across the charger plug. Or, perhaps try plugging it into a different car and see if it blows the fuse there. If it was me, I'd try a different device in the car and verify that it's not a loose socket. If it fails that, I'd get the ...


According to this Fusible link FAQ: What size replacement fusible link should be used ? The automotive service industry recommends using the same gauge and length as the blown fusible link after the cause of failure is corrected. Ensure the size/length you put back in is the size/length you took out. Also, as I've highlighted, a new fusible link ...


Since the only thing that changed between the time it worked and the time it didn't work was the passenger door, I'd be willing to bet that's your problem. Since there is no way to diagnose the specific electrical malfunction with this site, I suggest removing all the connections from the passenger door, and verifying that everything works as it should (car ...


Also check the relay under the dash for the parking/running lights, I just fixed one in my shop 10 mins ago that needed the relay and new bulbs (bad bulb on one side caused all brake/run lights to go out if the running lights were on when applying the brakes) also check the sockets and contacts as well

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