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If it was me, I'd wire the live supply to the multimedia system to the switched live (ie the 12V when the key is on) and not always live (direct to the battery) That is a simple fix. It does seem a bit strange that the current draw from the multimedia system is so high when off, though, so you may want to check the system and see if it is behaving ...


In the second and third images, starting at the top and working to the right: Top row - Fans Windows Sun roof Middle row - Antilock Brakes (ABS) Radio Brake lights Fog lights (?) Window Window Coupe Console - someone says it is "Consumer for clock / radio" (?) Horn Wiper ALIM/UCH - manual says "common power" (?) Third row - Interior lights ...


We wired our LED's to interior light via switch on door as interior light stay's on for a while until car is locked.


It seems very odd that your system drags so much of power . I would not recommend to directly connect to the ignition switch. Instead you can attach a relay in the following manner: (apologies in advance for poor drawing )

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