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I do not recommend modifying your fueling system due to the extensive design that goes into these types of applications. The tank, along with the supply and return systems have been designed to not only accommodate 5% expansion space but also to adequately supply fuel to your engine as energy and lubrication. In diesel applications, hot fuel is also ...


Are these instructions accurate? These instructions sound accurate to me. Would Vaseline-brand 100% pure petroleum jelly (the one used for baby diaper rash) be a suitable "petroleum-based lube" or is a car-specific product needed? Absolutely. And if I use a 100% cotton fabric to clean the top of the gas tank, does this suffice to minimize the ...


The level sensor works with essentially sliding contacts. These contacts wear out over time and crud, dirt and corrosion can build up on them. Did i mention that the sensor is submerged in gasoline. Some cars have known problems with level sensors but i'm not aware of BMW specifically having a problem. If you don't want to spend any money this problem can ...


Regulations limit the amount of unburnt hydrocarbons that can be released into the atmosphere, therefore fuel tanks on cars now have to be sealed to stop these emissions. The noise you hear is air rushing into the fuel tank, due to the low pressure caused by the use of fuel.


The only advantage I can think of is with a vehicle that has carbs. Often (but not always), the higher octane fuels have less Ethanol. Ethanol left sitting on carbs leads to fouling. So, higher octane, which may have less Ethanol, gives you a better chance of not having to deal with fouled carbs down the road.


In the case of topping off, it would make absolutely no difference other than costing you more at the pump. Octane is a rating which would indicate how hard it is for the fuel to burn. The higher the octane rating, the harder to burn. If anything, leaving gasoline for longer periods of time is going to make it harder to burn, thus effectively raising the ...

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