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There are only two ways I can think of to remove the dent. One is to put a certain amount of water in the tank (off the bike, of course), and freeze it. I don't know what that "certain amount" is, though. If you put too much water in it, it will split seams and such, so proceed at your own risk. A second method is to heat the area up with a blow dryer, ...


If the fuel is less than about a month old, you're probably still ok with just pouring in a bunch of stabilizer and warming up the bike to get it well mixed. If it's a couple months old, you probably want to follow @Paulster2's advice and drain the tank.


Drain the fuel in the tank. Then fill it back up with gas which has stabilizer in it. Once this is accomplished, get the bike started and let it run until fully warmed up. This will ensure all of the old gas has been purged. After this, you should be good until spring.

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