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Long story short, yes it is an option. Whether or not it's a good one is another discussion. Good News: finding a replacement gas tank and having a competent mechanic replace it shouldn't cost anywhere near $2000. Especially if you find the gas tank yourself. I'd be curious to know how your mechanic intends to fix your gas tank and add up his services to a ...


I used the 2-part putty stick to repair the leaking tank on my 1968 Firebird, while it was actively leaking. I backed into a parking stop and bumped the tank, when it shifted a bit it caused pinholes where the support strap was contacting the tank. I was young and broke, so I never had a chance to replace the tank. The putty repair lasted 1 1/2 years until I ...


Yes, it mostly is filled up with fuel. That's why when I was a moped-warrior I always lifted the hose up after filling, to make sure I get extra fuel :) You only have to prepay or set it to a fuel amount you want to buy, so it stops pumping.


If you've had an accident of some kind there could be damage anywhere on the tank, and that damage might not be apparent. There could be cracks or distortion which weaken it and later cause a catastrophic failure. So to be sure you have a complete repair you would need to get it out of the car so all the damage could be found in the first place. Also, you'd ...


I wouldn't repair a gas tank. If the repair fails, it's going to be leaking gas, and I don't want to be sitting too near the tank when that happens. $2,000 sounds very expensive to supply and install a gas tank. Get several quotes from other mechanics, including a local dealer.

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