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I had a similar problem with my navara bakkie - appears it was the fuel filter allowing air into the system. Replaced this and changed the clamps on the fuel lines where they join the fuel filter. Seems to have worked.


Just bought a Fit and the salesman told me that itdif shut down one cylinder and make adjustments to the heating/cooling system. He advised not using the econ button in extreme hot or cold weather.


Gasoline sitting for two years in the float bowl of a carburetor will surely lead to some varnish. The hydrocarbons evaporate from the fuel and oxygen acts as an oxidation catalyst changing the remaining components into other compounds leaving varnish in their wake. Varnish will coat and clog the inside of the carburetor. Float bowl, floats, needle and ...


Since no one's mentioned it, try replacing the PCV valve. You probably have more fuel blowby in a higher mileage car since the rings are probably more worn, and it's the PCV valve which let's that fuel and vapours be recycled and reburned by the engine. Just some quotes: Auto Repair For Dummies pg. 142 The PCV valve is part of the positive crankcase ...


I do suggest switching to the reserve position when your on your way to gas station. Some things like water are heavier than gas and that is a good way to minimize gunk build up in the tank occuring below the normal pickup tube.


It's a gasoline vent tube, serving three purposes. Gasoline vapors can be especially dangerous under pressure (pretty much why it is useful), and as the temperature fluctuates it is safer to relieve the vapor pressure than it is to potentially have it build up. The gasoline vapors should preferably not be ejected onto a potential spark source (battery) or ...


Just some interesting info on high octane fuels the original method of refining fuel had an added amount of lead. The added lead increased the octane value of the fuel which gave the engineneers of old a better way to control the combustion rate in the internal combustion engine. an added benefit of the lead in the fuel was cooler temperatures at the exhaust ...


Its a petrol overflow drain pipe. In case if you fill fuel that overflows it ll be drained through that pipe. it may also have internal connection with a pipe with drains rain water or any water that tries to get into the tank.

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