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I have exactly the same issues. I have been struggling with it over a year. Since I am not the one usually using he car, it has taken a while to get this far and it is increasing the frequency of ocurrence. Just moments ago I found these links helpful and will try them next week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8UulxbmJJA ...


Very few cars have active octane analysis whereby the timing is adjusted on the fly with fuel grade. VERY few and restricted to more expensive and/or performance oriented luxury vehicles. Else, all that will happen is if your engine starts knocking, it retards and you lose a massive amount of power, gas mileage suffers as well.


If you look at your engine you will see that in 1974 almost all emission controls were connected to or controlled by a vacuum hose. As the hose ages it cracks and causes vacuum leaks. Many of the components had no vacuum applied until the engine was warm and above idle speed. This can result in good idle and performance cold but a vacuum leak and poor ...

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