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Hyundai/Kia are known for having issues with their EVAP control systems. I owned a 2007 Hyundai Tiburon and the EVAP solenoid was malfunctioning. It made a pretty strong fuel smell because of the leak it caused. Cold weather can cause some of the rubber hose and emissions tubing to harden and crack under stress. Another thing to keep in mind is that when ...


Most carburetor fuel systems do not have a return fuel line. If they do it is usually at the fuel pump and would not impact your air/fuel mixture in any way. However your thinking is correct when applied to fuel injected systems, where a blockage in the return line would raise fuel pressure, thus enriching the mixture. As HandyHowie suggested, some ...


The carburetors probably just need their idle mixture adjusting to make the engine run a little leaner. If adjustment doesn't fix it, the carbs may need refurbishing.

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