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I use 94 octane ethanol free fuel. It supposedly has a shelf life of 2 years. Not going to test that though!


The 97 Mercury Tracer doesn't use a Fuel Rail Pressure sensor and any reading you're getting from your OBD2 application is false. If you believe that the fuel pressure is low, hook up a fuel pressure gauge and verify before replacing anything. Refer to Brian Knoblauch's answer for potential causes.


Kind of a long shot, but I had this problem with an old Nova, turning right. That was due to loose screws in the carb. It might have been the mounts to the intake manifold; but, my vague memory is of tightening screws on the topside. It was a long time ago.


My theory is you have a stuck float in your carburetor. This is causing the fuel bowl not to fill completely. When you go around the corner, the main jets are without fuel (sucking air) and this kills engine power. Getting the carb rebuilt (or at least looked at) will probably solve the issue. You may also try using a plastic handled screwdriver and using ...

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