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Your post raises several possible issues that you could eliminate to start with. Firstly if it is still on an incline I suggest you push or tow it to flat ground. It will help rule out fuel starvation and make it easier and safer to work on. Second i would drain the fuel tank and put fresh fuel in it. From there you can try starting it a few times. ...


I'm betting your Corsa is Drive-By-Wire (DBW), meaning, there isn't a direct connection between you and the throttle. If so, the gas pedal rheostat is probably telling the computer you are pressing it, causing the throttle to go up and in some cases not respond at all. You could possibly test the gas pedal by unplugging it and checking for even/smooth ...


If you cannot siphon/extract the old fuel, it is better to dilute the old fuel with fresh fuel to reduce the likelihood of clogging up the fuel filter when you fire it up for the first time.


Typically the fuel injection cut off switch is located under the front passenger seat but on your specific car it appears to be located in the drivers side of the trunk behind an access panel. More vehicle specific information here

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