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First thing you need to get some type of penetrating oil. You need something like LiquidWrench,PB Blaster or SeaFoam. My personal favorite is PB Blaster. The second thing you need is patience. If you can, give the penetrant several days to work. I have had goodluck wrapping the fitting in a strip of rag and soaking it with the oil. If you can get the quick ...


Other possible sources: Vacuum Leak Other Ignition item (Plug Wires, Distributer, etc.) Really poor fuel Air Filter Blocked Exhaust Blockage I would start with the spark plugs. Take them out and see if they can give any indication as to the true problem. See this answer for more info (While you have them out, replace them if you need to). Then start ...


The issue of dirty fuel has been greatly mitigated by modern pollution control regulations. Twenty or thirty years ago a lot of underground storage tanks were steel. The steel was prone to rust. The rust would be caused by the water that would settle to the bottom of the tank. The water would be introduced into the tank from the ambient air that goes into ...


I would have to say that it probably isn't worth the effort to pre-filter the fuel. In general, if you're buying fuel with noticeable water in it, then get your fuel somewhere else. The existing fuel filter (providing you're using a good quality one and not a $2 one) should be plenty sufficient to filter small particles etc. The hassle involved in buying ...


I have no experience with your model, but sometimes they are located on the petcock, inside the tank. Edit: I cannot find old diagrams, but at least ZZR600's some years younger than yours seem to have had those. Oldest diagram I could find at the moment: http://www.motosport.com/SE/motorcycle/oem-parts/KAWASAKI/2003/ZZR600/FUEL-TANK


There is just one fuel filter. The diagram on this page shows it located off to the side of the fuel tank (it is marked with a 7): http://www.wagenstad.com/index.php?modid=224&page=2-201-40

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