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The tube that draws fuel out of the tank is not at the absolute lowest point of the tank. This means that when the fuel runs almost dry, the last few drops won't be picked up. That could be because of airlocking or there is a contour in the tank that leaves a small amount of fuel inaccessible. In your case, there is 1.2l of unaccessible fuel. This ...


Your Niva's condition is an advantage to increase tyre size. Why don't you put a bigger tyre (radius, not width) instead of playing with final drive ratios.


The oil stuff is more than likely caused from what the intake pulls out of the crank case through the PCV. If you can get a hold of a couple cans of Seafoam, this should take care of the residue about as easy as you can do it without taking the engine apart. Use the rubber hose to the right of the photo to introduce it into your system. As an engine gets ...

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