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That sounds about right for that model. The only things you could do is make the car as light and easy running as possible, e.g. remove the spare tyre and carry a patch kit and air compressor instead. fill your fuel tank only 50%. This should save a good 20kg to 25kg. go on a diet ;) Get alloy wheels if you don't have already inflate your tyres properly ...


Just bought a Fit and the salesman told me that itdif shut down one cylinder and make adjustments to the heating/cooling system. He advised not using the econ button in extreme hot or cold weather.


Since no one's mentioned it, try replacing the PCV valve. You probably have more fuel blowby in a higher mileage car since the rings are probably more worn, and it's the PCV valve which let's that fuel and vapours be recycled and reburned by the engine. Just some quotes: Auto Repair For Dummies pg. 142 The PCV valve is part of the positive crankcase ...


This is an average of the figures for constant speed (highway) driving in top gear and city/traffic driving with lots of gear shifts. The ratio is usually 50/50 so they'll measure e.g. 100 miles of highway driving, then 100miles of city driving, add the figures together and divide by two to get the combined average. Though to get those same figures, you're ...

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