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In a word: No. To add more to it: Absolutely Not. There is one huge thing which you have not taken into account. That being carbon which deposits from the air/fuel mixture burning process. Where does it go? Right into the oil (among other places). A small amount of blow by occurs which also forces this mixture down into the crank case. Now you have it in ...


I think you need to do a throttle position sensor recalibration (reset). (NOTE: I will post several different adjustment versions. I believe the top one is what you need (for a K8 engine), but will include another four depending on your engine.) To do this for your vehicle you need to follow the steps below, depending on whether it is a stick/auto and ...


Recommended values give you the handling and tire wear that the manufacturer intends for the vehicle. If you increase above that, the contact patch decreases, giving better gas mileage, but you start sacrificing handling and causing abnormal tire wear.


Your logic is way off. You should change your oil and filter at the manufacturers recommended intervals, with an oil of the manufacturers specification. The manufacturers cover many many miles under many differant conditions to decide a specification and in most circumstances the specification cannot be bettered for the intended use of the vehicle.


The vehicles engine map will be the differance. If you are using a throttle body spec for a differant set up then it is bound to be wrong. The TPS may also vary on model to model.

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