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I did as per duckboy answer, I took out the windshield washer tank of the car and took it inside to let it unfreeze. This was a really easy job (look for your own car how to do it) but in my case (a vw jetta city 2009) it was 2x 10mm bolt, an electric connector to the pump and the windshield washer hose comming out of the pump. It took me about 5min to have ...


LOL - I literally just dealt with exactly the same problem too. What I did is stick a roof heating wire inside the tank and plug it into a wall outlet for 12 hours. Another solution from a friend was to boil water and continuously pour it in the tank until the ice is melted, then normally drain all the water using the pump to spray it all out and then fill ...


If you are at least slightly handy with tools (or have a nice friend who is) then it probably wouldn't be too hard to remove the tank c/w pump from the car and take it inside to the warmth and let it defrost in the bath tub and maybe even run some warm water over it. This may fix the tank and pump, but line is harder. Possibly fill tank with winter fluid ...


In Upstate New York, we have 4 Seasons Winter, Winter, Winter, and Summer. Silicon rubber dressing WORKS (such as Armor All!!!!), it is thick, use poly cloth to apply sparingly to weather strip where door and window freezes. Do 3 or 4 times a season.

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