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I'm thinking you can do one of four things: Use a larger drill bit and make the hole bigger, though 5mm (half a centimeter) is a bit of a distance to do this. Use the right size of drill bit (same as threaded bolt width) somewhat like a mill and elongate it. To do this, you'd place the bit horizontal to the hole and work it up and down slowly while ...


Having finally had the frame on my Yamaha 750 Super Tenere, straightened on a jig and re-welded, I have some info from the guys who did it: The two methods they use are tension - pulling using chains, and pressure - hydraulically forcing the frame to conform to a template. For minor deformation, it's a relatively safe bet with modern (and reasonably old ...


It is most likely these things in this order: Bad tires: Could be worn, not balanced right, or a broken belt. Try rotating tires to see if that helps Bad alignment: could be slightly off and It leads to shaking at high speess Bad balljoints/tie rods: Tires that arnt true will give a bad shaking and therefore lead to alignment.

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