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The jack should be placed under a frame member or on the axle. Also, before you crawl underneath a vehicle that has been lifted by a jack, you should have an additional support in place, such as a jack stand, to protect yourself in case the jack fails.


I plowed with a Chevy 1500 and a Ford F250. You could definitely feel the weight of the plow more on the smaller 1500 compared to the F250. The 1500 would squat quite a bit when the plow was lifted. The plow (a Western brand) was professionally installed on both trucks, and the only issues we ever had were electrical with the plow controls, the same kind of ...


As@ mac has stated a plow will fit and the truck will push snow. The primary considerations are how often and how long are you going to plow. The longer and more frequently you plow the more the suspension and driveline parts will be stressed. If you are just doing a few driveways you should have no problems. If you plan to plow commercially for long ...


It can be very difficult to isolate if it us from the tires or the drive line.. but most of the time, it is the tires. Looking at the ties with the naked eye when there is no load on the tire is not very telling though. The best thing is to find a shop with a Hunter DSP 9000 or similar machine that measures so called road force. This will measure the tire ...


I think the term you might be trying for is "crossmember". My answer must be... "it depends". If you really like that car, and if it's priced significantly lower than other similar cars for sale near you, and if the bend isn't very bad, then take it for a careful test drive. Drive it STRAIGHT AHEAD through a puddle of water and examine the wet tire tracks ...


Check your car engine seat as this could cause steering and dash board vibration.


You can use some POR15 which will stop the rust from spreading. It is really good on surface rust. I'm currently using it on my 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser and works well!


What weld process you use is not as important as the geometry of what you intend to make with the welding. Each of the welding processes, while having slight variations, works in basically the same way by generating some heat and melting the metal and then letting it re-cool. Whether you use some form of arc welding or torch welding (or electron beam welding ...


Where the owner's manual / factory service manual say the lift points are.

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