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It looks it is held by plastic rivets. You may be able to get them from dealer. Dealer can certainly help you with the information and if you don't ask them to fix, it shouldn't cost you anything.


Get something like 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive or Permatex Super Weatherstrip Adhesive. Follow the directions on the product. You'll probably want to use some painter's tape (the blue stuff) to keep the trim in place while it cures. If it's a leading edge (appears to be so), make sure you have the tape covering the point of the trim so the wind won't try ...


CV joints will clack. Wheel bearings will grind, often only in one direction. CV joints will also have lash.


As Paul says, this is highly subjective - the only concrete answer is "pull it on enough to hold the car". The very fact you're asking this suggests to me that it almost certainly needs adjusting.... You should adjust the handbrake (or have it adjusted) so that it is fully engaged (i.e. you can't turn the rear wheels by hand, with them jacked up off the ...

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