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I don't own a car with an immobilizer in it, but as I understand how they work, there is a code that must be entered, somewhere, to get the car to start if the battery was disconnected or gone flat. They even sell a device that holds up the radio and the immobilizer while the car is being worked on. It's basically a power source that plugs into the cigarette ...


I'm not familiar with Ford Focus, but I used to have a '77 Plymouth Fury that had this problem, it was a valve in the master cylinder not allowing the front brakes to release, and any dragging would cause expansion to cause the brakes to apply, aggravating the condition to the point where it wouldn't move, even though I was spinning the back wheels on dry ...


Here are some places to start: You car has a wheel bearing inside a wheel hub assembly (the part you bolt the tire to), there are also one or two control arms that are part of your suspension. Normally the bushings inside these control arms tear or disintegrate (they are usually a rubber compound) and the mounting components (a pin and clevis system) will ...


I've checked the brake fluid frequently and also yes I've tried a couple different brands. Even dot 4 when in the manual it says dot 3. Only thing that seems to help is letting the car sit and press on the brakes while the car is off so loosen them up.

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