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There are really two routes; dealership and third party (a normal garage mechanic). Dealership If you were to get it done at the dealership, you can expect to pay 10-30% more on top of what an independent garage might charge you. The advantage to going this route is that generally you are going to get what you pay for when it comes to a turbo replacement. ...


If I recall correctly, the engine was designed by Peugeot/Citroen (PSA) but made by Ford in Ford’s London factory. see and and


It's a little unclear what you're asking for, but your car has this engine: Ford DLD. It is a inline, 4 cylinder Diesel engine with a turbocharger, but it most likely doesn't have an intercooler. The 1.4 part is the "displacement" of the engine, and it is basically the "size" of the engine. This model engine is referred to as "DV4 TD" or "DLD-414".


It depends on a ton of things and it won't be linear in most cases. Every car has different things that wear out at different rates and those things affect horsepower differently as they age. Not everything that wears affects power. A coolant hose that wears out might cause the engine to overheat, but it won't affect power until then. But vacuum hoses can ...

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