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If your starter motor is working 8 times out of 10 then you probably need to replace it. It very likely has developed a dead spot on the armature. If the armature is positioned so that the brushes land on a dead spot, it won't start. Brushes are the electrical connection between the power source and the moving armature. The picture below shows how these ...


I see two ways there: Just drain it empty Overfill your wiper fluid container with water. That way you could wash the old fluid out or at least thin it. Then drain empty again. Because to unscrew the wiper fluid container is not so easy without mechanical experience and even danger, I would not do that on your place.


Tires are out of balance, or possible a bent rim. Take it back to where the tires were put on and tell them you have a vibration. If you have a vibration when you are using the brakes that goes away when you take your foot off the brake you may have warped rotors. I would take car of the tire balance issue first before addressing the rotors. You may only ...


The part you are pointing to is the air intake for your engine. This pipe should be coming from the intercooler. Since your engine is a turbo diesel, this would be directly related to why your engine is smoking (assuming you mean it's smoking out the tail pipe). What is happening is if there is a crack in this pipe, your engine is not receiving all of the ...

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