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If your starter motor is working 8 times out of 10 then you probably need to replace it. It very likely has developed a dead spot on the armature. If the armature is positioned so that the brushes land on a dead spot, it won't start. Brushes are the electrical connection between the power source and the moving armature. The picture below shows how these ...


It should be about an hours worth of labor plus the cost of the fluid. The labor rates vary depending on your area so the actual monetary amount is hard to pin down.


It sounds as though your serpentine belt is the issue. The serpentine belt is connected to each pulley (a pulley is the circular disc that the rubber belt travels over) of various engine components (power steering, AC, turbocharger if you have one, etc) and as such has a lot of tension on it, but can't have too much. It may be that the dealer installed a ...

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