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Remove the heat shield that covers the exhaust,follow the exhaust manifold and just as it joins to form one pipe there is the lamda probe


I own heavy equipment business sometimes works to start machine for a minute or two to heat up head slightly. Turn machine off then quickly attempt to remove bolt before heat transfers to it.


Two stroke engines, by their very nature, require some of the 'plumbing' you note in your question. Specifically the expansion chamber. Unlike 4-stroke engines, two-stroke engines require the expansion chamber and stinger (reduced diameter over distance) at the end of pipe. The energy in the exhaust wave expands and wave front slows in the expansion ...


Considering that you have a single cylinder pushing out exhaust into dual pipes, you wouldn't need to worry so much about equalization efforts. By its very nature, the exhaust is going to find the path of least resistance and therefor will flow to which side it can flow through easier until things are equalized. It appears from what I've seen that the Yezdi ...


You may be able to get close to what you want by installing a stainless steel exhaust (as opposed to the standard mild steel). It will give you a more raspy sound. In addition, deleting the center resonator/muffler and adding a freeflowing sports rear box with a large tip (diameter should be larger than the diameter of the pipe coming from the cat) would ...


What your ears may be detecting is the camshaft specifications. In the sixties the flat tappet camshafts were the norm. To get a better picture on how a camshaft works look up "how stuff works/camshaft. Looking at the cam spec graph you will see there is a time when the exhaust valve is not fully closed and the intake valve is on its way open. This is the ...

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