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You can add a free flow exhaust to your system ,Since your bike is carbeuratted, if you have not upjetted your carb to accommodate the increased airflow I bet your engine is running lean that is, more air less fuel. This can seriously damage the engine. To cut costs you can remove the silencer from the cylinder , remove the catalytic converter and ...


Acetone and vegetable oil (search it) superior to any store-bought oil of the same purpose (yes even kroil.) As shown in lab experiment, drexel university.


From my experience as a LR Defender owner (known for chassis rusting): Rust, once there, can spread. It will not go away. So if you just take it out on sunny days you will not be making it get any better. Sometime or other you will need to get to grips with this rust problem. From what can be seen in the pictures, the muffler seems OK. That's a good start, ...


Q1: Is that a reason to worry or replace them, provided that they don't actually malfunction? The only reason you'd want to replace stock manifolds is if they are cracked (or broken) or if you want to do a performance upgrade. Q2: Do exhaust manifolds have a propensity to rust faster than other parts and why? Yes. The reason is because of the ...

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