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The Purge is controlled by the PCM with a pulse width modulated switch signal. It is normal for it to cycle rapidly. This allows small amounts of the fuel vapor to be metered into the cylinders. This method allows the system maintain fuel control. One of the main jobs of the evaporative control system purge valve is to maintain a slight negative pressure ...


This situation could be Transmission Flare. The engine control briefly ups the RPM to match the transmission downshifting, to prevent an abrupt downshift feel. If the control or sensing systems are out of whack, it can overdo the RPM adjustment. Some of the items you replaced require adjustment or calibration. For example, the Idle Air Controller (a prime ...


I removed the top hose (engine to canister) and drove. I still experienced the run-on, so I believe this conclusively rules out the canister as the cause of the dieseling. I also found that the connection of this top hose to the metal tubing was very loose and possibly the cause of the gasoline smell. I put a hose clamp here to eliminate this. As far as ...


Yes it can. You can find it as either DORMAN Part # 911603 or as AIRTEX / WELLS Part # 2M1257.

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