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Ethanol % PID is the cars best guess at the ethenol level is in the fuel. This is more common on E85 Vehicles. Commanded EGR is what the car wants the EGR valve position to be at, not all cars have electronic EGR valves some are simple vacuum solenoids/diaphragms. Happend to run into a truck with an electronic EGR setting a position code. Working


Non-ethanol gasoline will help, but won't alleviate all of the issues with the gas. The problem with ethanol based gasoline is that it absorbs water. When it sits long enough, the water in the gas will start to corrode the gas tank. It will also start to create solids in the gas, which can clog fuel filters and damage fuel pumps and possibly even the ...


Background I wouldn't be worried about petroleum companies will suddenly depreciate their products from the marketplace and supplant the current product lines with a fuel that won't be consumable by your Prius. The global impact and loss of profits would be devastating to the global economy as well as the petroleum product provider. I think more of a ...


The E85 should not have any effect on oil consumption. E85 is just a fuel. It is my suggestion your vehicle is just getting to a stage where it is using more oil, either through burning (past the rings) or leaking out onto the ground past seals or gaskets. Another thought may be that you were actually using the oil before you started using E85, but didn't ...

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