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It's going to be marked as 'E85' on the pump. It's not that common - I've probably seen one gas station in Vegas that sold it, plus up here in Northern NV I know of one or two stations that sell it - and you'll notice that it's cheaper than regular gas usually. Plus the pumps usually carry large warning stickers, too. It's a blend of up to 85% Ethanol with ...


There's at least one Web site that tries to catalog stations selling unblended gasoline. Here's one for the U.S. and Canada: http://pure-gas.org/


E85 in the most part tends to be common in the Midwest mainly because that's where corn is grown the most, so it's much less costly to ship to stations/refineries. E85 is a fairly new fuel made from 85% ethanol (corn) and 15% crude oil. GM was one of the first companies to embrace it on the consumer side through their FlexFuel vehicles, however it's been ...


There is not a federal law that forces the use of ethanol blends but some states have laws that try to encourage its use and there might be a state that requires it. Searching online, I see very different opinions about the potential negative effects on your engine from the use of E10. (Mostly on older vehicles as newer vehicles are agreed to handle it ...


My snowthrower is stored in the off season April thru Oct. The manual for the engine says run the engine 'til dry, remove the spark plug and shoot in some WD40.That is what I do. But the manual for the thrower itself says fill up the tank and add a stabilizer since air and moisture in an empty tank can cause corrosion and other issues. Which is better? ...


The website http://pure-gas.org/ has a list of ethanol-free gas stations in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, your local airport probably has 100LL (100-octane low-lead gasoline without ethanol) for sale, as most reciprocating airplane engines require it.


Non-ethanol fuel is supposedly available in nearly all of the USA, just hard to find. There are certain airplane engines that are certified to use automobile grade gasoline as long as it does not contain any ethanol. I hear it's getting harder for them to find the appropriate fuel these days, but that they are still able to get it. Try asking around at ...

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