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I spoke with a Ford dealership service technician and he said the most likely cause of this behavior was that the clutches were going out in the transmission. The recommended fix was a new transmission, or as I decided for a 2002 car with over 200k miles, a new car. On a side note, they said it shouldn't harm the transmission to continue to drive it like a ...


The easiest although not the cheapest method is to call a tow truck. They do lockout calls quite often. The method needed to open the hood without the cable varies. It may require bumper and grill removal. As @Larry has suggested call a tow service or find a 15 year old delinquent/hoodlum who will have the door open in less than a minute.


Easiest thing to do is call a locksmith, or towing company, even some cab companies are doing this now. They have a kit that will let them unlock the door. It runs about $40 here, call and ask for prices because it can vary wildly. Opening the hood is possible, if you can get to the release cable but it's very difficult on most cars. Finding a wire to put ...


There are a few things it could be. Dirt in the brake drums (if its not rear disc) Pads or shoes have been damaged or become worn Hardware has come loose and is getting caught as you are braking Rusted drums or discs You should get this check out right away before it causes expensive damage or you loose braking ability all together.

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