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Before suspecting a bad O2 sensor... You need to be sure that the replacement MAF is suitable for your car. You mention the replacement MAF is a 5-pin and not a 4-pin like the one originally on the car. If the new sensor has a different flow-voltage calibration this would go a long way to explain what you are seeing. This is because the onboard fuel ...


It sounds a lot to me like it could be your car's O2 (lambda) sensor in the exhaust. From wikipedia Oxygen sensor Function of a lambda probe Lambda probes are used to reduce vehicle emissions by ensuring that engines burn their fuel efficiently and cleanly Sensor failures Normally, the lifetime of an unheated sensor is about 30,000 to ...


In answer to your last question, yes your car does have an o2 sensor, all modern cars do. Here are a few tips to pass an emissions test Drive the car on the freeway for at least 20 minutes before taking it in to get the emissions tested. If the engine is cool when you bring it in it won't burn as clean. Get a tune up. Replace the spark plugs, wires, and ...


nox has nothing to do with acid rains. sulfur dioxide does, that is produced by the converter in exghuast pipe. egr recycle hot gases that eat away valves and plug the the intake. delutes the incoming air by occuping space that could normaly be used with good air.

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