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Is the ABS/ESP control unit located in the vicinity of the intake manifold? Did you try removing the connector of ABS/ESP control unit?Check whether the ABS/ESP control unit is communicating with the scanner. All the fault codes point to issue in ABS/ESP control unit


All your codes are from different areas but can be from the same place. It's ABS, Brakes, Axle solenoids and so on. I suppose you or your mechanics forgot to connect one of big connectors with several wires that are causing your problems. Try to look for unplugged connectors under your trunk Good luck!


You can try replacing the Engine Crank Angle Sensor, which I believe is the one which is playing erratic. The sensor looks like this: So it is the one you are looking at in the picture. Who knows why it's gone bad, but with the code you mentioned, this seems like the culprit. This is a very good video on the replacement of the sensor. The only thing I'd ...

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