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It very much depends on the specific vehicle and more so on the type of tyres fitted. As a side note, my old Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V rally car (a hatchback) was brilliant on the snow whilst my fathers Lexus IS200 (a saloon) was awful.


The only real world difference between a sedan and a hatchback is the added trunk(weight) and in some cases a longer wheelbase in case of a sedan.(Not counting Looks obviously) The above difference doesn't define the driveability of the vehicle on snow. To drive on snow a AWD drive system with traction control and higher ground clearance is all that's ...


It doesn't really matter. Everything else being equal, the car with the most neutral weight distribution would perform best in snow. I would even think that the car that has the bulk of its weight up front would be least inclined to skid or overstear. Usually, that would be a hatchback, but in these modern times most vehicle manufacturers build their cars ...


Having driven a bus with a non-synchro gearbox and a wet clutch, I understand the meaning behind "stuck in neutral" - for if you didn't slide it into first before coming to a halt, there was no getting it into first without suffering the embarrassment of shutting down the engine. The habit dies hard; synchro or not, I still hold at a light in first gear, ...

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