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I've turned it on, and turned it off. I notice virtually no difference in performance or fuel economy between the 2 modes. I get consistent 37-38 mpg in either mode and the air conditioning seems to run the same in either. No difference in acceleration or any other differences. I personally think it is a placebo. It's a 2015 Civic LX.


In a properly maintained fully functional manual transmission equipped automobile, I prefer to be in neutral with my foot not on the clutch pedal. The reasoning is that if I happen to be rear ended or something, there is no way for me to accidentally take my foot off of the clutch and roll out further into cross traffic.


Do a search on google for "torque power graph". These graphs plot torque and power against RPM and each engine design will be different. From a graph for your engine you would be able to see which RPM produced the greatest torque. You may be able to find specs for your engine specifying maximum torque and the RPM where this is delivered.

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