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If your wheels are spinning, then don't worry. From the engine and transmission's perspective there's no difference between the wheels spinning or turning normally. The problem comes in when the wheels don't spin and you feel a dull thud instead. That means you're shocking your transmission, which will damage it. When tuners increase the performance of your ...


Attempting to produce wheelspin may also result in a burnt-out clutch if the tyres have more grip than expected - your clutch will slip and burn instead.


In theory, the harder you accelerate or decelerate(brake), the more you put stress on the different parts. Most stressed parts when accelerating, in this order: Gearbox gears Crankshaft Fly bearings Piston rings etc etc. Most stressed parts when braking: Forks and the rubber buffers Wheel hub Tires


Yes you are putting more wear and tear on your car if you drive like a race car driver. There is a reason granny's old garage kept car retains the most value. She drove it nice and so its has had an easy life. Driving your car like your a cop on the other hand is like driving your car into the ground. There is a reason cops get new cars every 5 years. ...


The short answer is probably not, but you are creating undue hardship on the internals that will likely lead them to fail earlier than they would otherwise. When you drive your car, you are putting wear and tear on basically everything. Driving your car harder (accelerating quickly, stopping abruptly) just adds to the wear you are putting on it. Even just ...


I assumed they were for noise reduction, but I haven't noticed much difference with mine off. Since its usually warm to hot where I live I would prefer to have some airflow over the upper intake components, even if it's a small %. Of course when the weather starts to cool again I'll put it back on to make sure the engine warms fast, so as not to get a mil ...

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