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Try using some graphite lube on the lock cylinder before you give up on it. If you remove the lock cylinder, disassemble it, and clean it, you may improve it's function. You should also be able to get the lock cylinder re-keyed at the dealer or a locksmith prior to installation.


Try to push the door closed and pull the latch to see if that open it. Sometimes if you over stuff the compartment it will close and be pushed so tightly against the door it cannot unlatch. By pushing on the door you are relieving pressure and allowing the latch to open.


Can you manually unlock the door by pulling the pole up or moving the lock switch over? I know this is not an answer but without being there I need more information.


Stupid question: Did someone turn on the child safety latch and you've only tried to open the door from the inside? Outside chance, but I thought I'd mention it. Obviously, if the door is unlocked you can still unlatch it from the outside. It could be either one of two things: the rod which goes from the lock solenoid to the locking mechanism is broke (or ...


If, when you hit the switch, you hear nothing (no binding noises from the motor), then it probably is your motor at fault. You'll need to open the inside door panel and check the leads for power. If you get power through the leads (leads being the plug at the window motor), then it's probably your motor at fault. You can check your motor by applying power ...

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