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Referencing the photo it appears the retaining clip is still in place. At the 12 o'clock position you will notice a square shaped tag. Lifting the tab away from the bracket pry the clip in the direction of the small hole that the tab sat in. Again referencing the photo this would be going up. With the amount of corrosion visible I would try to wire brush ...


I've had central locking refusing to stay locked with several cars when any of the door sensors (or boot lid sensor, or even engine cover sensor) thinks its door is open - whether it's actually the case, or the sensor has jammed for some reason. This hypothesis can be checked by setting the interior lighting to the setting where it lights upon open doors. In ...


Your instrument panel is part of the ECU on your vehicle, electrically. If the GEM has been substituted and still the problem has remained, a critical look at the instrument panel is required. Moisture or dampness, even a water entry from the windscreen, could cause corrosion to the IP and cause mis-function. Fords had this problem with European Focus's.

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