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Basically, the battery is supplying electricity to the car, but it's not getting to the starter motor. When you turn the key and there's not even a click, my first thought is a bad starter relay, but it could also be a loose wire, or a bad ignition switch. It should be pretty easy to check, have someone turn the key while you touch the relay. If there's ...


A cooling system leak, "fan blows leaking coolant on the p/s belt, belt slips, belt gets hot, dries up, belt grabs again, more coolant blows on the belt, and so on. Or just leaks or drips on to the belt or pulley".


After checking the wiring harnesses, I found that one of the mirrors had a wire that the insulation had ripped and was pushing to ground. This, as Paulster2 mentioned in the comment to my question, was causing the weird behavior.


Many things can cause a car to overheat, however if you've just had some work done I would start the search there. Check the serpentine belt routing to make sure it was put on correctly. On some cars the belt will fit in 2 or 3 different ways, but only 1 way is correct. In this case the water pump could be turning backwards, which could certainly cause an ...


Generally speaking - the Alternator and Tensioner Pulley should not have any relation to the cooling system, unless somehow the water pump is belt driven and the mechanic put the belts on incorrectly, but I don't think this is the case. Is there a rubber hose you can carefully reach with your hand going from the radiator to the engine / coolant housing? Is ...

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