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It is a engine temperature sensor


It is definitely not good for an automatic tranny to be pulled in neutral, but it doesn't mean it's automatically fried. The reason it's not good for the transmission is, the pump which distributes the tranny fluid is just behind the torque converter (in most automatic transmissions) which is attached to the engine. When the engine isn't running, there is ...


Have you replaced complete mirror assemblies or just the mechanisms with the twin motors which the mirror glass clips into? On a lot of vehicles the mechanisms are identical whilst the shape of the glass is 'handed' to fit one side. If it is the mechanisms that have been changed their wiring is 'handed', and you may have them on the wrong side of the ...


The oil indicator is based on an algorithm, monitor(a piece of software). The ECU clock has ticks. When the engine has been operated to a number of ticks(time) the oil light is illuminated. The number of ticks is added to by the average oil temperature and the number of combustion events. Combustion events expose a small amount of oil to degradation by ...


I went ahead and pulled out the manual for the car last night. It said something to the effect of the measurement being usage-based (i.e.: things like odometer/number of engine revolutions/etc, which do not directly reflect the quality of the oil, are used instead of an actual testing of the oil itself). It did not specifically say the odometer was used, ...


There are two different types of oil life indicators, as discussed on this page. First, there is the Algorithm-based one: Algorithm-based oil indicators measure lots of factors and then plug the resulting numbers into a formula. Based on the answer to this complex, ongoing math problem, the indicator display will tell you whether the oil is OK, is close ...


You should take your car to the dealer and have it replaced under warranty, and inspected for further damage. If a rock hit it hard enough to knock it out, then their may be other damage you didn't see, or the part was at least defective, because that should not happen. It is called a Lamp Bezel, and the list price is about $70.


I believe they are calling it the Outer Bumper Grill, Driver's Side .


You vehicle needs to checked over by a transmission shop, or main dealer, no other way forward. The brakes would also need to be checked in case they are binding and causing drive problems. Many drivers today have problems with the 'Cost of Ownership'. Here in the UK owning a vehicle such as yours would cost around £7000 per year. American service personnel ...

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