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Coolant coming out of the overflow is a sign of over-pressurisation. The cheapest cause of this is the pressure cap failing - have you replaced that? The other main causes of it are overheating, or gas getting into the system and so increasing the pressure, usually through a head gasket breach between a cylinder and the water jacket. Have you noticed any ...


The P0507 code refers to: A P0507 DTC trouble code may be caused by one or more of the following: A vacuum leak Leaking air intake after the throttle body EGR valve leaking vacuum A faulty positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve Damaged/failed/dirty throttle body Failed EVAP system Failed IAC (idle air controller) or faulty IAC circuit Things to ...


If you've ran it beyond or at the red mark, headgasket. If you noticed it before this happened Rear Main Seal, which is still expensive in a way as you need to take out the transmission but better then a headgasket.


Oil and/or combustion residue in your coolant signifies a blown headgasket. Coupled with the overheating it sounds like your cooling system can't get up to pressure, again signifying a blown gasket.


Most likely problem is a stuck thermostat and a blown headgasket.


I found a copy of the owner's manual here. Pages 284-285 have a diagram of the instrument cluster, where this light appears as #17. Page 294 says that this is the Vehicle Security Light and explains: This light will flash at a fast rate for approximately 15 seconds, when the vehicle security alarm is arming, and then will flash slowly until the ...

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