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No, you are best off with blank rotors(no slots, no holes) just like stock. Slotted rotors are more aggressive on the pads. Drilled rotors are plain dangerous unless they are a good quality(read expensive) that were cast with holes in place not drilled after the casting. generally, cheap drilled rotors are for looks only. They are also less efficient in ...


I checked a known good waveform (cannot copy here, copyrighted). Yours is shifted just a bit to the right. Around your frame 95 that cam sensor vertical line should exactly bisect the horizontal line on the crank signal. Most common failure for a small shift is bending of the locator roll pin on the cam pulley.


Really the only thing you need to know is what you've figured out already - the headsets work with IR emmiters built into the entertainment system of the van. There appears to only be one "standard" and searching for "Dodge Caravan IR headset" will give you tons of choices. The only thing I would look at is to make sure the headsets are "dual channel" ...


Sounds like a bad ground. I would install new ground wires. Get some heavy cable (like 2-6 gauge multi strand) and solder some lugs onto it. Wire the battery to body, then that same point on the body to the block. Make sure all spots are nice and clean. Be sure to give yourself some slack


Doesn't sound like a belt The sounds in the video you posted don't sound like a squealing belt. If your researched has revealed concerns regarding the vehicle I suggest you abandon your desire to own it. The low hum that seems to change frequency without the car changing in speed is concerning. It makes me think transmission but there is too little ...

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