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I also having same issue last year had only the passenger side blowing heat by the end of summer i heard the vent slap open and cold air started coming out. Now this year now doing it again but know the rear vents blowing heat getting pissed now


When the tank is going to be completely filled the proper procedure is to allow the pump to shut off automatically. Add no more fuel after this initial shut off. Over filling the tank by filling to "the brim" can cause the evaporative emissions system to be damaged or rendered inoperative. The system is designed to control and process fuel vapor not liquid ...


This sound similar to what I have experienced when there is rust or other "crud" in the bottom of the gas tank. Letting it get VERY low then filling it will stir up the "crud" and allow it to temporarily clog things up until it settles back down. To confirm if this is whats happening, try filling up before the fuel level drops below half a tank. Do that a ...

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