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It sounds as though you already have the heads off. If this is right, check the bores for anything unusual. I'm assuming this is the case if you are looking for the HP you say ... Not going to get that stock with a truck block. That means at least a cam, but probably a set of heads as well. If it truly only has as many miles as you say, you should still ...


My 2000 durango does this same thing. Took me a bit to figure it out. I stopped and filled up to find it works just fine. Just don't let the gas get so low now.


Turns out to be the transfer case chain. It was loose and just needed to be replaced.


The leak was in a fuel line leading to the injector.


This sounds like it could possibly be an Evaporative Emissions problem involving your fuel tank. The engineering side of fuel systems refer to the amount of air in a fuel tank as "Head Pressure". Since fluids are almost impossible to compress, as you gain more air (and use fuel) in the tank it's contents are more easily compressed. The vehicle's computer can ...

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