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Overdrive is misunderstood. The traditional definition is: a gear that drives the rear rotations to be lower than that of the crankshaft. That means you truck shouldn't go into 'overdrive' at 40mph. No car does this. At a higher speed, in order to conserve fuel, a car may go into overdrive. Knowing if your vehicle is actually going into overdrive, or ...


The diagnostic systems in cars get upgraded every few years. It wasn't until the early 2000's that car manufacturers really started to integrate ways of displaying diagnostic info without an OBD scanner. Typically if it is not included in the shop manual it is not a feature on that car. Your best bet is to go to the local autoparts store or shop and have ...


For me, it was the brake light housing on both sides. MY OPINION...this is a crappy design! The 3 little points, once you twist on the housing, barely makes proper contact. I had to rig up something to make better contacts.

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