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The first thing you need to figure out is the check engine light code. You'll need to hook up your OBD2 scanner and get the code it'll be most likely a code like "Pxxx". Once you get that you can begin diagnosis. We also need to have the year make and model of your vehicle to give a good over the internet idea of what's going on. You can goto your local ...


I have the exact same problem except I always fill my tank before I get to a half a tank. I have a 2004 Dodge SXT. I was told the fuel filter is inside the gas tank which to me is a poor design. What I do is after I put gas in my car I sit and wait. I let the car run before leaving. This seems to help somewhat. Very frustrating problem.


I'd say that the most likely culprit would be in the ball joints. Tie rods don't require using a press and if the mechanic wasn't careful he could of crushed the ball joint into the bushing. I'd suggest bringing the car back.

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