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For the car, keep the tires set at the right pressure, check the alignment, check the brakes on a regular basis, empty any extra stuff out of the car. As a driver, there are many articles that can be googled on how to get better mileage through various driving techniques. Mostly they involve speed control and better planning ahead while driving. Obviously,...


Fuel efficiency gets brought up fairly frequently (for good reason). Here are some of the things that I've pointed out in similar questions: Engine size doesn't determine fuel efficiency. Using the fuel with the correct octane rating is important. Making major changes to your car in the name of efficiency is usually not a good idea. And, to quote Jeremy ...


I've checked the lines into the heater core and neither one of them seems to be hot. You may have a stuck open thermostat. Does the dash temp gauge needle sit in the middle zone?


On defrost, it is running the A/C (to dry the air), so you're correct on that point. Just usually there's enough heat available to overcome the cooling effect. Sounds like you may have either a clogged heater core (a lot of labor to fix on most cars), or hopefully just a failed actuator (not sure if the Taurus has a mechanical linkage or electronic). You'...

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