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For any engine, no matter petrol or diesel during the RUN IN period it should be driven gently and not aggressively for the first 100 or 150 miles after that it should be a combination of aggressive and passive driving. The first 100 or 200 miles of an engine is delicate since the components will not be used to the levels of stress and being aggressive in ...


I am highly surprised that no one mentioned it specifically, but the answer is detonation. Poisson Fish was close, but extra wear from increased cylinder temperature isn't the main problem. The main problem is the extra heat causing petrol to self-ignite before the spark and destroy the motor. Diesel doesn't suffer from this problem as it basically works on ...


Switch the key in 2 position and check if you hear 8 beeps. These 8 beeps are mandatory for normal startup. If you hear 8 beeps then depress clutch and press accelator between 1/4 to 1/2. Switch the key to ignition gently. If you don't hear 8 beeps, get fuel pump checked. It must have choaked. Hope this helps.

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