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Several reasons: First Diesels have a very simple operation which is basically more air, more fuel = more power. On gasoline engines you have to worry more about running too lean, too hot, having incorrect timing. And, you generally already have enough air. You run at higher RPMs and suck in more air. Gasoline is much more volatile than Diesel. It burns ...


When driving diesels it is important to start the engine a few minutes before you start driving it to let the engine warm up. However, it should be fine if you don't push the engine too hard or hit high speeds on your cold engine. It might also be a good idea to put some fuel additives in your fuel to help extend the life and well being of your vehicle.


One thing we don't know is the mileage on this vehicle. Because you have been having issues since you got the vehicle, high mileage, or lack of maintenance could be a factor. I am unfamiliar with this particular vehicle and I may be at a disadvantage, however a diesel is a diesel. The smoke when the engine does finally start (as was stated in another ...


Eliminate the obvious first. Your van started with the old glow plugs (although with some effort), but it doesn't start at all with the new ones (without Easy Start--by the way, please don't use any kind of starting fluid on a diesel engine--it can cause serious damage). Can you put the old glow plugs back in and see if it goes back to the way it was? I ...

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