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First thing I'd check is to see if there are any leaks in the intake tract. Make sure all of your cold pipes (pressure side between turbo and intake manifold, going through the intercooler) are in place and not leaking, especially at the joints. The turbo may be at fault as well. If it has failed, this could be causing a loss of power and excess use of ...


If the bubbles are in the fuel line that leads to the high pressure pump, then air in the system would reduce the pumps ability to pressurise the fuel correctly. Diesel injectors require high pressure fuel in order to achieve proper atomisation; liquids don't burn, so the fuel needs to enter the cylinder in very fine droplets in order for a clean burn to ...


It sounds as though your glow plugs are on their way out or you are not letting them get up to temperature prior to starting the engine. Once the engine is running, it warms up and it's fine. You stop at a light and all is normal.

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