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Use a simple household drain unblocking plunger. Simply suck it back out. Works 90% of the time :)


Sometimes an unopened can of beans wrapped around a tshirt works wonders. Just roll it slowly and softly over the dent for a little bit. It should start to com out slowly. If you feel lucky, you can use a heat gun to heat the sheetmetal from the inside out (the inside of the door with no paint) and then roll the can. It works, but you need to be patient. ...


As discussed in another recent answer one good method for paint-less dent repair (which is really the only DIY type of dent repair) is to use glue on plastic dent tabs: These come in different shapes and size for differently shaped dents and are applied to the dented area with non-maring hot glue. They are pulled with a handle or slide hammer and can be ...


Roll the window up and pull the door panel, using various sized wood sticks (long ones for leverage) attempt to push or massage out as much of the dent as possible. You can gently use a hammer on the end of the wood stick to help with the stubborn parts, once you have done all you can do from inside pull the rest of the dent as best you can using a Dent ...

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