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Yes you need to replace the grease when you replace the boot. That grease lubricates the joint, if you don't have enough inside the boot the joint can fail prematurely. On a side note don't use one of the quick boots (the ones designed to be put on without taking the CV joint off of the car), in my experience they are worthless. Here is an example of a ...


Remove the shaft, and throw the boot away. Clean out the old dirty grease, after cleaning the part of course, and replace both the grease and boot. This gives you a chance to inspect the joint, and clean up any dirt residue that will speed up the deterioration of the CV joint.


There should be no grease in the boot. The CV joint casing doesn't need packing fully with grease. Pack enough in to cover all the moving parts. If a sachet of grease is included in the kit, then there usually is enough for one joint.


I can't speak to specifics for your ATV, but the basic process for removing an axle is: Take off the nut holding the axle in the wheel hub. I do this with a large socket wrench/breaker bar. Remove the lower ball joint from the lower control arm (see the bottom middle of your second photo). This can be difficult, and lots of the methods people suggest will ...


Could also be upper or lower control arms from the sounds of it, before this started to happen did you hear or notice anything else? maybe a popping sound around corners? Bearings will make noise when going around a corner if they are wearing out. Also I know some Preludes from this era had 4 wheel steering, does yours have this option? If so this ...


My preferred method is to remove the four bolts that hold the two A arms on (14 mm where the A arms attach to the frame) there will be plenty of play in the assembly to move it out of the way, give the axle a good yank and it will come out of the front differential, for the outside boot (I have never gotten one of them apart with out destroying it) I either ...

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