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Generally a 30 zone implies you are in town, where you are subject to children, pets, footballs, stopping traffic etc. Cruise control is for long distances at a constant speed where you are not subject to rapidly changing risks - not for stop-go situations. In town you should be concentrating on what is going on and adjusting your speed constantly based on ...


Adding a cruise control should not affect your warranty. Even if it did, it would possibly only affect the part of the warranty the part touches. What I mean by that is, for instance, if you installed an aftermarket steering wheel, it would probably void the warranty on the air bag system because the air bag system is associated with the stock steering ...


Your Peugeot cruise control is 'speed sensitive'. Sixth gear cruise control requires a road speed of 70-75 MPH. The gearbox computes the gear required to maintain a given road speed, if you select a gear to high for the speed you are doing cruise control is switched 'off', to prevent the engine from labouring.


Your Nissan was built, tested and sold as an entity. Any changes to a vehicle would not be accepted by most, if not all, vehicle manufactures which they do not have any control or imput to and would void the warranty. Unless you know they are manufacturer approved fitments, you should check with the manufacturer, do not have them fitted. There have been ...

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