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Not normal for cruise control. My Land Rover Discovery has "Hill Decent" mode which allows you to take your foot off the brake while going down steep hills. The computer then takes over controlling the speed of the vehicle using the brakes. This function is mainly for off-roading.


There are two type of cruise control, passive (normal) and adaptive (has other names) Passive cruise control targets a speed, it reduces throttle position to slow down, but if engine braking is less than the effect of a steep downhill, the car will gain speed. This type of cruise control is not integrated with the braking system. Adaptive cruise control ...


I Think this is normal behaviour of a car which has upwards of 150/170hp. When you are in your 3rd or 4th gear your speed should be more than 40kmph below that the car might stall. The ECU is detecting the imminent stall and compensating by increasing the rpm and the speed of the vehicle , you do not need to press the accelerator for this to happen. ...

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